Fall of the Raven

Posted 27 days ago
Corvus Press

Category : Nonfiction

Price: $ 9

Book Purchase Link : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08BTLQTD9

Website Link : www.thymournia.com

In “Fall of the raven”, written by Thymournia (Ali Sheikhaleslami), the artist is exquisitely pairing fine art photography with poetry, taking the reader through a complex journey of photographs and words entwined. As the story of the raven develops, each part is accompanied by its visual pair, a fine art photograph with the ever present raven as the main subject, in a world of sceneries that brings to life the heavy, deep darkness of the written lines, and the words are about life and nothing more. The book is highly representative for the artist, as his deeply personal work comes from a dark past and the blank future, often using the symbol of the “Raven” as the one witnessing all its surroundings while being isolated and doomed, silenced and ignored because of all the reality he has seen and all the bitter truth he has to offer, all resulting in visual and written artworks that are heavy and true, with a deep feeling of sorrow and nostalgia.

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