Wild Imaginings

Posted 1 year ago
Constance Ruth Clark

Category : Romance

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There ought to be a support group for women like me. 

Hi, I'm Holly and I'm divorced. (Hi, Holly) After catching my husband with his hands in the wrong cookie jar, I left him and took back control of my life. That was the easy part. Trying to figure out what comes next, not so much. 

I'm on the right path, I made a checklist:

1. Divorce Cheating husband. (Check)

2. Change my last name back to Spencer. (Check)

3. Get a job. (Check)  

4. Move out of parents house . . . again. (Check)

4. Buy a vibrator Um....oh boy

5. Start dating again? Um.....god help me

6. Reconnect with an old crush via texting? Sure, let's try that one. Should be safe.

When I text Mark, it's just harmless fun, flirting with an old friend who knows just how to cheer me up. We've experienced the same heartbreak and not living in the same city makes it a safe connection. Neither of us is ready for dating, or so I thought.

Now he wants to take our flirting into the real world. I don't know if I have the courage to see him again. Maybe I'll just run away and buy that vibrator instead.

A Steamy Christian Romance
Warning: Adult 18+ Content

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