Traveling Tessa

Posted 1 month ago
Carrie Crawford Martinelli

Category : Kids

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Both entertaining and educational, Traveling Tessa will introduce you to parts of the world in a unique way, making you feel like you are truly along for the ride. Tessa's adventures will expand one's perspective of the world beginning at a young age, allowing for increased understanding and acceptance of others. This book is timely as we are experiencing history with this pandemic, and with social distancing and quarantine protocols people are understandably getting a little stir-crazy, ESPECIALLY if they have younger children. Traveling Tessa allows readers to leave the four walls of their home, at least mentally! 

"Sometimes it takes just a moment for a life to change forever. For Tessa, that moment has come. It was like any other morning. Tessa woke up and readied herself for school. Little did she know she was about to receive a special gift, one that would take her on the greatest adventures imaginable. That night, when Tessa falls asleep, she wakes in a faraway land, with no idea how she arrived there nor how she will find her way home. All she knows is she has come to this special place for a reason, and she must embark on this magical adventure in order to understand the true meaning of home."

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