Gerald Kage: The Winter Fox

Posted 3 years ago
Jimmy Troutman

Category : Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Gerald Kage, a human born with the power of Ice. He never met his birth parents Kage was raised by his Grandmother who also had powers and special abilities. She taught young Kage how to use his powers and turned him into a master in Combat and stealth hunting. When he was ready she told him about a secret world in another dimension called the Shadow realm ; where very powerful beings and creatures lived in peace. Growing up Gerald mastered the ability to open portals in and out of the Shadow realm. One day Geralds Grandma sent him into the Shadow realm to pick up some medicine, while away two men murdered his grandma and stole a very powerful crystal from her. Gerald made it his mission to set out and find the two men who murdered his Grandmother and take back the Shadow Crystal, Gerald Kage was a master in stealth hunting and very fast on his feet, because of those traits he was quickly given the name "The Winter Fox". Kage became a Bounty hunter and did jobs for the Queen of the Shadow realm, he knew the two men who killed his Grandmother would eventually pop up again. The day came and he tracked down the two thugs, it was easy to track them down because Gerald never forgot the scent they left behind at the scene, Gerald Kages since of smell is far above average. With no hesitation Gerald cut off one of the guys head but before he could kill his accomplice the thug begged for his life and explained to Gerald that he was hired by the Demon king Juda to retrieve the Shadow Crystal, also said he wasn't going to kill the old lady but she put up a fight. Gerald put a blade through the thugs skull and returned to the Queen with the information he just received in hopes she would send him on the mission to bring down Juda.

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