October's Harvest

Posted 2 years ago
Charity Williams

Category : Fiction - YA

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What if you were kidnapped and placed inside a cult?
That's what happened to October Harbuck and her little brother, Brayley, when they were just small children. Growing up inside Blue Corn Farm, October is forced to believe that she is worthless. During the day, she picks corn, daydreaming about escaping the clutches of her charismatic leader, Josef. At night, she worships the community's mysterious god, fantasizing about the community’s golden boy. But after the disappearance of her father, October discovers that the mysterious god her community worships isn't a god at all. It's something else.
As October uncovers the community's hidden secrets, she begins to realize that nothing is what it seems and that her place in the community may be the most important role of all. Knowing the terrifying truth will set October free, but at what cost?

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