Kitchen Open: A Practical Guide to Keeping Your Restaurant Open During Challenging Times

Posted 1 year ago
Jamie Jack

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Are you a restaurant owner, manager, operator, or head chef trying to figure out your restaurant's best response during these unprecedented, challenging times?

Are you unsure of your options or how to implement them the right way?

Do you know the best ways to keep in contact with your loyal patrons so they know what your restaurant is doing right now?

Whether your restaurant is open or closed, Kitchen Open will help you answer these questions--and offer solutions--as you consider the directions your restaurant needs to take during the pandemic.

* Explore your takeout and delivery options--including innovative ideas from other restaurants.

* Discover a free tool that allows your customers to order your food online . . . right from your restaurant's Facebook page and website. (And if your menu isn't too complicated, you could have this up and running in about an hour.)

* Learn several ways to keep revenue coming in even if your kitchen is closed for regular takeout and delivery service--and help your community as well. (Tip: Restaurants currently doing takeout and delivery can do these ideas, too.)

* Learn how to optimize every bag and box that goes out your door to keep customers coming back.

* Find out the best ways to let your current patrons know what you now offer and how to get it . . . and create a little buzz to attract new customers--all for no or low cost.

Use Kitchen Open to help you make choices for your restaurant in these unprecedented times and let the world know!

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