Door to Door Sales Made Simple

Posted 3 years ago
Phil Browne

Category : Business & Finance


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Door to Door Sales Made Simple is beginners guide to anyone who is considering a career in sales. It's an A-Z of what and what not to do, when starting out door knocking or cold-calling. We cover everything from the approach, along with what you would say when someone answers the door, right all the way through to closing a sale after the presentation is complete.

Sales is a great career to consider, but for someone who has just started out on that road for their 1st time, it's a whole new ball game and is a world away from our traditional 9-5 retail or office job or factory work
From my own experience of 20 years on the road, cold-calling and being a sales rep, I have documented here, a great sales aid for beginners, for company managers or team leaders who may have a sales team or for anyone that is considering a career in the sales industry.

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