The Red Sheep

Posted 2 months ago
Paul Richardson

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The Red Sheep is a love story which unfolds on many levels. It revolves around Jessica. It follows her journey as she becomes an adult who must deal with the realities of her world. Jessica lived with her mother Allie and her stepfather Con. She was part of an ordinary family, who through heartfelt experiences, lived extraordinary lives. The interactions and relationships brought joy and tears as Jessica’s journey unfolded. 

Jessica knew she was different to others in her family. She didn’t know why. She could never understand why her mother had not told her the truth. She didn’t know her mother was not sure of the truth. She knew some of the secret, but as it turned out, not the finer details. 

As a child Jessica’s differences concerned her. As a teenager she demanded to know. As a young adult she found how complicated the answer would prove to be. Jessica’s relationship with her grandparents, especially her Pop influenced her views of the world as she grew to adulthood. Throughout Jessica’s struggle with being an odd one out, her grandparents remained her rock. Pop was an atheist. Nan was a Christian. But their relationship endured their different theological views and their approaches to life, and death. 

The book explores the power of relationships from various perspectives. It challenges people’s faiths, and it deals with death and dying through the eyes of a child.

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