Levels To My Insanity UnMastered

Posted 3 months ago
Adrianne Mouton

Category : Mystery & Suspense


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Website Link : www.adriannemouton.com

Sometimes pain is inherited from generation to generation. Secrets locked away where the eyes can't see and the ears won't hear. Pain trapped where no one can feel it. The mind has its own means of survival. The heart has its own means of escape. When the lines blur so does reality. When you lose your grasp on reality it can leave you looking down on the edge of sanity. Levels To My Insanity is about a woman who has dealt with mental, emotional, and physical trauma throughout her life. It all comes to a breaking point for her one day and she finds herself trapped in the mental prison of her mind. Now she is fighting to gain her sanity. Nothing is ever what it seems and as the fragments of her sanity come together so does the darkest truths. She and everyone around her see the true depths of her spiral into insanity. The Unmastered edition of LEVELS To My Insanity is a limited, short-run edition and no further additional printings will be made once publication ends. This book is the raw, unfiltered look into who Violet is and into the darkness of a traumatized heart.

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