Alternative Economics: Reversing Stagnation

Posted 3 years ago
Marc Batko

Category : Business & Finance


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This anthology of critical economists is dedicated to all seekers of truth and justice, to all yearning for an inclusive future of generalized security, reduced working hours, exchanging roles, community centers and free Internet books.

By rethinking work, happiness, health and security, we can pave the way for a future that is open and dynamic, not closed and static. Life should be full of play, exuberance, surprise and mystery.  The economy ought to be a part of life, not a steamroller crushing self-determination and creativity.    Alternatives to stagnation, unemployment and depression lead to changed priorities and policies, a political-economic revolution of qualitative growth and joy in living.

Alternative economics is a vital corrective to market with unfettered deregulation, privatization and liberalization of markets.  While neoliberal mythology insists higher profits bring more jobs and greater investments, profits soar and investments fall by the wayside.  Radicalism and neoliberalism, mainstream market-radical economic theory haves led to exploding inequality, cynicism and resignation and has no answers to mass unemployment, growing precarity, global warming and the rights of nature.  The time is right for alternative economics, for economics that is part of life, not a steamroller crushing creativity and self-determination.

The market is not self-healing or a panacea but a necessary and helpful instrument after political questions are answered: what kind of society do we want?  How can public necessities remain public?  How can people be active participative citizens and not mere cogs in the machine?  How can nature be protected and nurtured and not trivialized as a free good, external or sink?

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