I Saw: Gilraën and the Prophecy

Posted 13 days ago
Joanne Reid

Category : Science Fiction & Fantasy

Price: $ 3.99

Book Purchase Link : https://www.amazon.com/Gilraen-Prophecy-Came-Jaralii-Chronicles-ebook/dp/B083PQNNCT

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Gilraën has arrived, and the Prophecy has been invoked. Adjudicars attack relentlessly. Elves cower in their Realms. Dwarves seek refuge in their dwarrows. The King must fall.

But, the pawn is now a Queen, and she has been loosed upon the board.

Beware, the Queen!

I SAW, the second book of Gilraen and the Prophecy, is GameLit epic fantasy in which the heroine bravely faces doom in a medieval world filled with Elves and Dwarves, Sorcerers and monsters set amidst a great civil war and wrapped in a romance of forbidden love.

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