Murder in the Cemetery: An Edmund DeCleryk Mystery

Posted 13 days ago
Karen G Shughart

Category : Mystery & Suspense


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On a bright, spring afternoon the body of George Wright, a childhood friend of criminal consultant, Edmund Decleryk, is discovered at a cemetery where casualties of the War of 1812 are buried. After conducting an autopsy, the medical examiner determines that George has been murdered, the cause of death by poisoning. Lighthouse Cove Police Chief Carrie Ramos hires Ed to investigate, with his spunky wife, Annie, the head of the local historical society and museum, assisting him. Suspects include a physician's assistant, college student and a family member, among others; however, George's demise may be the result of secrets that have surfaced from the grave. You'll discover what Ed found on the beach at the conclusion of book one, Murder in the Museum, and how that and an artifact  discovered in England dating back to the early 1800s, are linked to this untimely death. At the end of the book Annie shares recipes she's prepared for friends and loved ones. 

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