An Unknown Soldier

Posted 2 months ago
David James Madden

Category : Fiction & Literature

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It’s 1994. Peter Franklin has been having nightmares about his experiences in World War Two. His son, Richard, doesn’t know about this since he’s been keeping his distance from Peter for more than twenty years. Richard’s wife, Jennifer, has never understood why her husband is so remote, not only from his father, but also at times from her and their only child, Heidi. After taking Heidi to college to begin her freshman year, Jennifer now fears an even lonelier chapter of her life has begun. In response, she invites Peter, without first telling Richard, to their lakeside cottage for the Labor Day weekend. This sets off a series of events that leads to revealing the secrets that father and son have kept, not only from each other, but from themselves as well. An Unknown Soldier is about the suffering war brings to ordinary people like ourselves and the redemption that love can always make possible.


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