Wings on her Heels

Posted 2 months ago
Angelika Schwarz

Category : Fiction & Literature

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This 5 Star Romance/Suspense novel portrays a small-town girl in Massachusetts. She leaves her home, boyfriend and beloved Cape Cod to discover Europe. Instead of heeding her forewarnings, Melanie finds herself in life-threatening and heartbreaking scenarios. Readers from 15 to 90 better lean back and buckle up before climbing onto this breathtaking rollercoaster ride of emotions, adventure, friendship, and even humor in this soft thriller.

Wings on her Heels  - Reviews:

“Gripping, vibrant and impossible to put the book down - I Love This Story!”
“It made tears come to my eyes, made my heart race and finally calmed me!
 “What a page-turner!!!! …This book has everything. Shades of light and dark, ups and downs, surprises and laughter, love and disappointment. This author wove a powerful and touching story that deserves to be on the bestseller list.”
“An exciting read with many twists as well as a fascinating journey back in time through the early 70s.”
“If you're looking for an exciting adventure, this is a must-read!”
“Great book, with a twist, and characters you love to love and hate!”
“Absolutely loved the story building! The author was capable of captivating my attention with details that were not overdone, a storyline that was not overly cliché, while still offering a sense of rebellion.”
“What started as a "typical" American girl travels to Europe story quickly turns into a much deeper tale of betrayal, ambivalence, jealousy, loyalty, love, and friendship.”
“I loved this book - so easy to get into… The writing of some of the events draws you right in - you can find yourself out of breath!”
“The story is riveting; the characters are so vivid and endearing that I'm finding myself feeling as if I'm actually there with them. The writing is vibrant and captivating right from the first page!”


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