Game of Twins

Posted 1 month ago
Tom Ranseen

Category : Mystery & Suspense

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Suzanne Delacroix, Atlanta’s superstar, super-hot, blaisan detective walks into the grisliest crime scene she’s confronted in 17 years: twin girls ritualistically  carved up on their own dining room table. Nicknamed the Tigress, she’s seen hundreds of crime scenes, but at this one, she pukes. Then quits. It wasn’t just the mayhem, but it was something… Her head clearer after a week at the beach, Suzanne knows she can’t quit investigating the murders. Off-the-books, she and buddy, FBI special agent, Mia Gonzales find the latest were the 6th of similar murders of teenage twins going back to 1911. How the fuck does that happen, they wonder? But Mia finds out the FBI hierarchy has something to hide, and Atlanta politicos are thrilled when two white supremacists are arrested for the Atlanta murders (of twins who are black). The suspects are themselves murdered in jail. The two females sleuths know the good ole boys got set up. Problem is, they don’t have single suspect. All the cases go ice cold again.

Until a year later when something, seemingly random and unimportant, changes everything. Isn’t that the way life often is? A middle school kid in Roswell gets unfairly booted off his lacrosse team. You can’t be serious, Suzanne tells her boss, Kip Davies, Atlanta’s top criminal attorney, who she now works for,  are longtime friends (who have unconsummated hots for each other)  – when he asks a favor. Grudgingly, she agrees to investigate his nephew’s trouble.

Enter the bad girl of the story, Pamela Loncart, the chairwoman of the lacrosse club who is much more than that. She’s an auburn-haired stunner who is not only a DEA heavy-hitter, but also the longtime surreptitious paramour of the Pacific Cartel’s top narco; plus she’s a suburban mom who loves illicit fun with teenage boys, including her own twins – and is a member of a satanic coven called the Atlanta Tribe.

Suzanne comes to realize that she’s a player in the Tribe’s deadly Game of Twins —  which is intertwined with twins murders and several others going back a century; her assault at a frat party two decades ago and her debilitating nightmares since; her father’s supposedly accidental drowning – as well as the boy’s unfair sports dismissal. Then it’s Suzanne playing cat-and-mouse with Pamela and her Tribe until the shocking conclusion.

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