Deceit: A Life Of Lies

Posted 1 month ago
Mark hopkins

Category : Mystery & Suspense

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The events in room 201 of the Red Cove Travel Inn, in Fleetham, were about to turn the small, sleepy, Texas town into a hotbed of police activity.  When local prostitute, Tessie Johanan, is found brutally murdered, it leaves Sheriff Robert Binder and Detective Alison Chaney with a gruesome mystery to solve. With no obvious motive, scarcely any clues, and even fewer suspects, criminal profiler Aaron Duncan is called in to help identify the killer. As all the evidence begins to build against him, 'Little Sammy' soon finds himself under close scrutiny. Being intellectually disabled and the town's drunk, Sammy has little going for him by way of defense. As the proof mounts, so do the doubts, but there is no one else in the frame. Did 'Little Sammy' kill Tessie in a drunken stupor? Or are the police holding the wrong man? 

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