The Secret Life of Captain X: My Life with a Psychopath Pilot

Posted 4 months ago
MrsX Nomoree

Category : Non-Fiction


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Her marriage to a successful airline pilot Captain X seemed like a dream come true. In reality, it was a nightmare. She ignored the red flags and abuse, continually hearing "You're so lucky to be married to him!" Lacking empathy and putting them in serious debt, he promised to fix things but instead divorced her. When she uncovered his involvement with prostitutes, he left her, alienating her from her only child. The horror finally ended when she realized he was a psychopath.

When people think of psychopaths they think of violent criminals. Most psychopaths are not criminals but rather socialized and living among us. Since experts estimate as many as 4% of people are psychopaths, a chapter in this titled Understanding & Avoiding Psychopaths helps readers recognize and avoid these untreatable social predators without a conscience. A final chapter, Suggested Reading and Viewing provides resources to learn more about psychopathy.

​A memoir straight from the heart, you will long to comfort MrsXNomore while admiring her determination to get her child back into her life while surviving the aftermath of a life with a psychopath.


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