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David Pugh

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Disillusioned comic strip artist Jeffrey Dharma and Remus Jallow, a Gambian palm tapper are in India on a search for Cosmic Love. In West Africa Jeffrey’s wife, Sylvia clashes over a land claim with Bob Jatta, a sexually dysfunctional people trafficker and drug lord that leads her into to a bloody conflict. Jeffrey and Remus eventually find the woman who helps them on the path to sexual enlightenment and the truth of creation. They are guided by a charismatic ageless man who they think may be the real Jesus.

DHARMA SUTRA draws on my own travel journals and the later Indian sequences were written on location in Orissa, India over a three month period in 2017. I’ve travelled in many parts of Africa and India and most of the characters in DHARMA SUTRA are drawn on real people I have met. This is especially so when it comes to the Remus Jallow character, I’ve changed his name but my meeting with him in West Africa in December 2001 did change the course of my life. The idea for the book came to me when I met an Indian sadhu in Pushkar, Rajasthan in 2004, he could have been the twin of my Gambian friend. A moment of enlightenment in the Jagannath temple on Puri beach, December 2011 brought me a new perception and led to the creation of my alter ego, Jeffrey Dharma.

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