Squire, A Mascot's Tale

Posted 6 months ago
John M. Cunningham, Jr.

Category : Fiction & Literature

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At the outbreak of the Civil War and over his wife Rachel’s objections, Jesse takes their beloved dog Squire to war as his Alabama regiment’s mascot. By 1863 they're posted at Port Hudson, Louisiana where Jesse encounters his old rival for Rachel's hand, Colonel H.L. Marsden, who'd killed Jesse's brother in a duel. Here, too, Squire kills a fighting dog in self-defense. Marsden and the fighting dog’s owner, Aaron Blevin, plot vengeance against Jesse and Squire. In exchange for Squire to be used as a bait dog for Blevin's other fighters, Blevin’s daughter sets out to ruin Jesse’s honor and marriage, which will be Marsden's revenge for losing Rachel to him. When Rachel arrives at the garrison, divorce threatens Jesse's marriage and Squire falls into Blevin’s cruel hands. Will Squire survive his ordeal and find his way home while the Union army battles the Rebel garrison? Will Jesse survive the siege of Port Hudson? Will Rachel forgive Jesse's "affair" and for losing Squire?

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