The Beginning, The Shadows of Rhodes series, Book 1

Posted 6 months ago
Georgina Antoinette

Category : Romance


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Icons and treasures looted from the Greek Orthodox Churches of Cyprus have been missing for decades. Finding the remaining stash of icons and relics is still an underground movement in criminal circles. After extremely bad luck on this trip, Dimitris was a ray of sunshine, and soon an overwhelming temptation for Helen, an American tourist. Since she bought an old picture of a child as a souvenir, odd events, and threats to surrender the photo only made Helen more curious about it. She was warned to stop asking questions. Stirring up things that had been forgotten was dangerous, even deadly. Her curiosity has led her to either finding the criminals herself and solving the mystery or letting the thugs have the little picture and the secrets it holds. Either way, she would put herself and everyone around her in danger. Dimitris tries to protect Helen and her best friend from doing something stupid. They now know that the danger that presents itself is real, and yet Dimitris can't get Helen to give it up. She has to get to the bottom of the story, to find out why they are being threatened. She can't seem to get Dimitris out of her thoughts and although she'll be leaving for home, she is torn over the feelings she tries to stifle for him, as events keep throwing them together  Available print edition and Ebook.

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