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James Musgrave

James Musgrave was born in Fall River, Massachusetts. He taught as a Professor of English and worked as a Supervisor, Management Development at Caltech, Pasadena and at various San Diego colleges. He is now the author and publisher at EMRE Publishing, LLC in San Diego. He has won many writing awards, and his mysteries are "featured selections" by the American Library Association. He was also a Finalist in the Bram Stoker Awards, First Place Award for Best Historical Mystery in the Chanticleer International Book Awards, and a Finalist in the Heekin Fellowship.

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Fiction & Literature

Cold COURAGE | Extraordinary Times

Cold Courage relates back to Willy Mitchell's grandfathers meeting with Harry McNish in Wellington, New Zealand and in exchange for a hot meal and a pint or two, he told his story of The Endurance. Flipping through the London Times, McNish had come across a classified advertisement for the crew to join a ship's journey to the Antarctic and on to the South Pole. It warned of low wages and high danger and at forty, he decided that he wanted a taste of adventure and set off to London to meet the rest of the newly recruited crew. On 6th August 1914, The Endurance set sail from Plymouth, England on its way to Buenos Aires, Argentina and meet with the entire 28-man crew. This is a tale of the great age of exploration and the extraordinary journey that these men endured, not only in Antarctica but upon their return to England amidst the Great War and their legendary lives thereafter. This is the story of Harry McNish and although set in a different era, continues the ARGUS series and a homage to those brave men and women who go to extraordinary lengths to achieve their goals.


The Power of Thanksgiving: A Blueprint for Contentment, Fulfillment, and Well-Being through Gratitude

The Power of Thanksgiving: A Blueprint for Contentment, Fulfillment, and Well-Being through Gratitude has been named:

  • A WINNER in the National Indie Excellence Awards.

  • A FINALIST in the Book Excellence Awards.

  • A FINALIST in Christian Inspirational in the International Book Awards.

  • A BRONZE MEDAL WINNER in Christian Non-Fiction in the Global Ebook Awards.

  • A HENRY AWARD WINNER in Testimonials in the Christian Literary Awards


Drawing from science, scripture, and personal experience, the author, Dr. Joyce Addo-Atuah-a college professor in New York City and a board member of the Pentecost Biblical Seminary of the Church of Pentecost U.S.A. Inc-demonstrates the dramatic benefits of appreciating the little things. With this practical, down-to-earth, and testimonials-rich book, you’ll learn to recognize everyday blessings that will position you to attract even more blessings into your personal and family’s lives.

In the Power of Thanksgiving, you will discover:

  • Easy-to-follow methods to help you see God’s hand in your daily activities

  • Bible passages and thanksgiving hymns to inspire your journey toward contentment

  • How giving thanks positively impacts your physical and mental health plus your relationships

  • How to stay grateful even in difficult times

  • Actionable steps, inspiring quotes, motivational personal testimonies, and much, much more! 



Mystery & Suspense

Secret Monitor Men

Six friends make the ill-advised decision to pay their respects at a local cemetery well past normal visiting hours. Driven by curiosity, and led by their pal, Ray, stubborn in the belief he is right, the men drift deeper into the abyss of the summer solstice night. Eavesdropping on the dead charges a special toll even for the well-intentioned freemason. As lightning flashes in the distant sky, a premonition overcomes some that the night has its own designs. Gravestones mark their progress to the square & compass, but should they have let sleeping dogs lie?

Mystery & Suspense

Deceit: A Life Of Lies

The events in room 201 of the Red Cove Travel Inn, in Fleetham, were about to turn the small, sleepy, Texas town into a hotbed of police activity.  When local prostitute, Tessie Johanan, is found brutally murdered, it leaves Sheriff Robert Binder and Detective Alison Chaney with a gruesome mystery to solve. With no obvious motive, scarcely any clues, and even fewer suspects, criminal profiler Aaron Duncan is called in to help identify the killer. As all the evidence begins to build against him, 'Little Sammy' soon finds himself under close scrutiny. Being intellectually disabled and the town's drunk, Sammy has little going for him by way of defense. As the proof mounts, so do the doubts, but there is no one else in the frame. Did 'Little Sammy' kill Tessie in a drunken stupor? Or are the police holding the wrong man? 

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Ambrose Kane

Ambrose is what you would call A bit of an extreme traveller.
Having travelled to some of the most remotest corners of the planet and doing it in anyway other than flying, he has organised expeditions and worked as a tour guide and an overland driver just to fulfil his passion of living and experiencing as much as possible.

Growing up in the Barnsbury part of Islington, London. Seeing only busy streets filled with traffic was the norm and never really knowing what life was like without the sound of police sirens disturbing the noise of honking horns and children upto mischief. Back then though, there was real communities, where every knew everyone and joined together to make any excuse for a street party.

The years past and Ambrose life and experiences shaped a person who is dedicated towards his passions. One of those passions is to share his knowledge of healthy living and fitness. With qualifications in osteopathy, cranial osteopathy, kinesiology, active balance and Energy healing to name just a few, Ambrose has 26 years of experience in learning how to help people recover from trauma.

His study of alternative medicine to help others wasn't intentional at the beginning. With over 40 years of studying martial arts, Ambrose loves to be as good as he can be. So, to get better at the taijutsu he practised, he went to study osteopathy at the Manchester metropolitan university for 3 years just to learn how the body moved and could be manipulated. He progressed from his study to find another path and grow not just as a martial artist but as a therapist. He says that's also why he loves to travel because, when you travel you are always on the highest vibrational plane and more connected to everything than at any other time.

I love what I do and I let it show as much as possible in my work. With more than 25 years of experience in the field, I know Health and wellness like the back of my hand. Just to know that what I am doing could help and change people's lives is the greatest reward.

Chaotic Designs Publishing

People who look at the world backwards, upsidedown or sideways and always look for new and better ways to do something are called distrupters.  We used to be call disruptive in school!

Chaotic Designs Publishing is a high energy indie publishing company intent on disrupting the rules of the game in favor of bringing quality market research and value without hassle.

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